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Pumpout Boating Season 2022 - *UPDATES*

Due to a funding and labor shortage, ENB will not be servicing any marinas in the Bronx area starting 8/8/22 and for the remainder of 2022.  We hope to start service there again next year. 

**Please remember to flush only biodegradable toilet paper into your marine toilets.  We've been having lots of issues so far this year with plastics clogging our hoses.**

The ENB Pumpout Program is now taking pumpout requests from boaters in all service locations from Bridgeport, CT to Locust Point, NY.  Please check back here for updates. 
ENB operates a mobile pumpout service for boaters along the North Shore of the Western Long Island Sound, from Bridgeport, CT to Throgs Neck, NY.  ENB operates our fleet May to October.  Choose your vessel's location from the drop down list below and we will empty your waste tank.  You will get an email confirmation when completed.  We only service locations that are currently listed on drop down list.

When we are operating, you can enter your request here.  You will receive an email confirmation when pumpout has been completed.  Please do not enter duplicate requests.  We respond to VHF channel 77 hailing "ENB Pumpout" when operating in your area.

The entire Western LIS is designated as an NDA (No-Discharge Area).  Localized discharges of raw sewage can degrade water quality, increase nutrient loading, and negatively effect environmentally sensitive aquatic habitats.  Keep the Sound healthy by using pumpouts. 

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To locate a stationary pumpout facility in Connecticut copy and paste link below into your Internet browser address bar:

To locate a stationary pumpout facility in New York copy and paste the link below into your Internet browser address bar:,41.9907,

(updated: 8/3/2022)
Use the form below to request a pumpout in one of our operation areas.
If your location is not listed, we probably don't operate there (or that area is not active yet)
but you can call our office to confirm: (203) 857-1077. (report website problems)
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*Vessel Location:
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please contact the office at (203) 857-1077.
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